Remote Accounting Access

remote-accessWe offer a truly innovative business and personal accounting solution to the SME' market.

In short, we enable remote access to your accounting, invoicing and stock systems information, securely and from any location. We support Pastel, Omni, IQ Retail, Quickbooks and most accounting systems through many hybrid environments.

The solution is perfect  for branch office environments where accounting, invoicing and stock systems information be shared by personnel or outsourced accountants and bookkeepers.

Features and benefits of running your invoicing and accounting information with our solution.

Typical Office Set-up
Tristar's Technologies Remote Accounting Solution
Manual Backups to be made and administered. Offsite and automated daily backups, included.
You require to procure reliable computer hardware,  your software has to be installed and maintained at a cost and at a risk of PC hardware failure. No Dedicated PC required to run/host your applications. The application can be accessed securely and from any authorised computer connected to the Internet. We maintain and upgrade all hardware and do all application updates.
Installed on a local PC and can only be accessed on said installed PC. Your information is securely accessible from any computer/s connected to the Internet concurrently from multiple locations if so required.
Program updates have to be done manually. This typically requires a knowledgeable person to come onsite at a cost to install the update. Done by us and included in package, automatically, offsite.
Hardware has to be maintained and operated at susceptible to normal PC component failures. We have professional, fault tolerant systems and servers in place, hardware upgrades, repairs and maintenance all done by us and included in package.

We have various pricing models available to suit your exact requirement be it 1 User managing 1 Companies Accounts or Multiple Users managing Multiple companies accounts from multiple sites, all remotely using our solution.

Contact us, we are ready discuss your requirement.