Newsletter Services

newsletterA newsletter is a great marketing tool for any business. It provides regular contact with all your potential and existing customers. It is a easy and effective way to promote your products and services by giving valuable information. Your website information will naturally be incorporated.

Undoubtedly the Internet plays a major part of our daily lives so it makes good sense to consider email marketing tools and strategies for your business. You should take advantage of every tool that technology has to offer, especially those that are simple, quick and cost effective. This is the case with email marketing that will contribute to the success of your products and services.

One of the most useful things about a newsletter is that it puts your name in the minds of your customers. Your company services and products are fresh in their minds at the time they register or visit your website, however, without a newsletter to remind them, one-time customers will soon forget about your company altogether. Why not send out a newsletter to contact all of your existing and new customers. Remind them about your services and products. Your presence in their inbox will create the customer loyalty you need.

We are able to design and create your newsletter and send it out to your list or simply use our infrastructure to send out your own newsletter.

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  1. Send information, newsletters and marketing material to your existing customers. Offer special discounts on your products and/or services.
  2. Send email invitations to your existing customers to revisit your website whenever you make significant changes to it. Let them know that you appreciate their business and want them to be the first ones to try out your new website.
  3. Give your existing customers the first chance to view your new products and/or services. Send them an email displaying your new product or detailing your new service and outline its uses, benefits and value.
  4. Give great customer service. It is no surprise that you get more when you give more. Existing customers want to feel that you appreciate their business. They want to know that any concerns or problems they may have with your products and/or services will be addressed quickly and resolved.
  5. Encourage your existing customers to recommend your business to their business associates, friends and family. One way to do this is to provide a button in your newsletter or emails enabling them to forward them onto whomever they choose at the click of a button. Word of mouth advertising will make your customers a valuable asset to your business in a further yet completely different way.