Internet Connectivity and ADSL

internetconHaving Internet connectivity  is long past optional. In business you simply HAVE to be connected ALL the time. We design and cater for a variety of solutions to keep you online. ADSL, VDSL, Fibre, 3G, LTE and WIFI we can do it all.

Benefits of using Tristar Technologies as your Service and Bandwidth Provider

Fault Resolution & TroubleshootingAs an ADSL service provider we are able to check our own systems to establish where any problems other than actual physical line faults occur. Telkom currently utilises 3 different departments to provide the service, and the communication between the departments has in our experience been found to be poor. This results in more time spent to establish where a potential problem is and extends the fault resolution time.

Statistics and Reports The reporting and statistics software and systems Tristar offers are more real time and accurate than the current reporting and stats systems in place by Telkom. This enables us to proactively make better predictions about system usage.

Technical System Management The software and systems we offer provide a host of features and fault identification tools that enable us technically to resolve problems with faster turnaround times without involving third party suppliers. Clients are able to log on and check on their own system through our web based control panel interface.

Enhanced Security Features The ADSL management system we offer allows for port locking. This means even if your username and password is compromised, only access to your physical location is granted to the network by means of locking your access port on the network, and if your router was to be taken to a different location it would not be able to log on to the network from the new location.

CostThe service pricing is competitive. Tristar purchases bandwidth in bulk which means better pricing, which Tristar is able to pass on to its client base.