Service Level Agreements

slaThrough this service we offer to assist with and share responsibility of your organisations IT requirements. We evaluate your systems and provide you with IT related recommendations. These recommendations follow a suite of industry standard and approved best-practice methodologies.

The SLA can be non-ceilinged/unlimited whereby there is no limit to the amount of hours or support available or ceilinged/limeted SLA's where the customer has a predetermined amount of service and support hours. In both cases making IT support costs predictable and manageable.

The SLA ensures that your network is supported by a familiar team of technicians that are accustomed to your environment. They therefore know the systems and the users ensuring a more efficient service. The team respond timeously to your IT problems and support issues. Through these agreements you have a single point of call for all your IT support requirements.

Our solutions make your IT costs affordable and predictable. Contact us for a free consultation to see how we can be of assistance to your business.

Included in the services that Tristar offers are:

  • Proactive Maintenance : This entails the continued monitoring of all systems under contract to Tristar ensuring that all backups are running effectively, anti-virus, disk space is monitored and all other maintenance tasks such as system updates are implemented.
  • Reactive Maintenance : Tristar will ensure quick response to your IT related problems.
  • Access to a team of technicians ensuring that problems are solved efficiently.
  • Access to Tristar Technology’s Development team for customised software and scripts.
  • Reporting: Provision of regular and comprehensive reporting on: Network Data Traffic; Virus’s; Consultant Activity and Recommendations made.
  • Set support costs
  • Telephonic support at no extra charge
  • Secure authorised remote support. The benefit - quick response time to problems.
  • Tristar technicians conform with any customer working procedures and policys with regard to any aspect of the environment and IT systems.