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In a nutshell

We are a Networking, Internet Services and Information Systems company. We provide value through the intelligent application of the latest business practices and technology. The company is based in Cape Town, South Africa with Auckland, New Zealand offices opening soon.

Need a website? On-site consultant? Network & Computer Support? Newsletter to clients?  - You have found the right company.

IT Solutions | Networking | Hardware & Software | Remote Accounting | Data Backup Management
Website Design | Domain, Website & Email Hosting | Search Engine Optimisation | Fiber, ADSL & Internet Services

We strive to provide solutions that take advantage of technology to give our customers a competitive advantage. We are able to deliver a complete Information systems solution including Consulting, Project Management, Web Design, Back-end Software Development, Web site hosting, E-mail solutions,  Site IT Maintenance and Management Services.

Our Services

Comprehensive Outsourcing and Service Agreements

Tristar offer the best in network installation and support. Our Service Level agreements ensure small and medium size businesses have pro-active information systems support. Qualified engineers attend to your problems timeously and effectively. The result is a well managed network with minimal downtime. Set monthly fees ensure that your IT budget is predictable, manageable and reliable.

Website, Email & Cloud Server Hosting

We offer various hosting options that cater for basic to complex hosting requirements, database integrated sites and e-commerce sites. We also offer dedicated secure servers.
Internet Hosting & Security Solutions: Robust hosting and advanced security measures.

Development & Design

We take pride in providing a tailor made solution for each client with a strong emphasis on client relationships and service. From simple to-the-point website design to complex content management systems.

IT Systems Architecture, Consulting & Management

At Tristar Technologies, we specialize in designing, planning, and implementing comprehensive business solutions. Our expertise includes:

System Integration & Migration: Seamless integration and migration of systems and applications. Network Topologies: Optimized network design for enhanced performance. Storage & Backup Solutions: Reliable data storage and backup services. Messaging & Email Solutions: Efficient communication systems. Server & Remote Access Solutions: Secure server setups and remote access.

Reliable Internet Connectivity Solutions

In today’s business world, reliable internet connectivity is essential. We provide a range of solutions to ensure you stay online 24/7.

Fiber Optic Internet: High-speed, reliable connectivity for demanding environments.
4G/5G/LTE: Mobile internet solutions for flexible, high-speed connections.
WIFI Networks: Secure and robust wireless network setups.

Hardware & Software Sales

We provide for all your personal and professional computer, laptop, workstation server and networking requirements. Hardware, software and any peripherals, anything you’ve ever seen before and all the great technology you still need to discover.

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