How to install Managed Antivirus on a new site

1 Create the Client and Site

File, New Client : complete the required details then OK to apply.
File, New Site : select the Client from the drop-down, complete the required details* then OK to apply.

2 Select the Monitoring Installation Template

Go to Settings, Monitoring Installation Templates, Set Default Templates
Select the overall device (Server or Workstation), Client or Site
Settings: On
Select the Default template from the drop-down (Asset Tracking Only)

*Please note it is also possible to select the default Monitoring Installation Templates when creating the Site

3 Enable Managed Antivirus

From Settings, go Managed Antivirus, Settings,
Select the overall device (Server or Workstation), Client or Site
Settings: On
Select the Default Policy from the drop-down

Note: custom policies can be created from Settings, Managed Antivirus, Protection Policy

4 Install the Agent

In the Agent menu, select Download Site Installation Package
Enter the Primary Access Key Password contained in your registration email.
Choose the Client, Site and Agent version (enter Proxy settings if required) for the package.
Then download the:
Group Policy Installer : for Group Policy software installations.
Remote Worker Installer : a silent, single-click installer designed to be sent out to users who are not always connected to the company network.

And deploy.

Once installed the Advanced Monitoring Agent will then download the Managed Antivirus package and begin the installation process automatically adding three checks:

Managed Antivirus Check : contains the status of Managed Antivirus on the device, when it last reported in, discovered threats etc.

Windows Service Check – Managed Antivirus : ensures Managed Antivirus is running on the device, alerting where it has stopped.

Antivirus Update Check – Managed Antivirus : reports the installed definition file, alerting where this is older than the configured threshold. (Settings, Alert Settings, Server Monitoring or Workstation Alert Thresholds)

Please note it will require a reboot to install the Active Protection drivers and complete the installation process and as well as Managed Antivirus the asset information will automatically be uploaded to the DashBoard.